The first digital platform for round robin testing and laboratory comparisons

Interlaboratory comparisons are crucial for quality assurance as they provide data to directly assess the reliability and repeatability of test results.

Managing and evaluating interlaboratory comparisons has been a complex administrative challenge for quality professionals who have relied on manual tools such as emails and spreadsheets.

To address this issue, labXplore was developed.

labXplore is a specially designed digital platform that supports the organization, management, and evaluation of interlaboratory comparisons.

As a cloud-based platform, labXplore provides comprehensive support at every stage of interlaboratory comparisons, allowing companies to manage and evaluate them independently without relying on expensive external providers. Currently, labXplore is in the beta phase and is available completely free of charge.



Available globally

Our cloud-based platform enables laboratories worldwide to participate in round robin testing and laboratory comparisons


Tailored customization

Ready for immediate use with industry-standard data and fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of your industry


Transparent documentation

All activities are documented comprehensively and fraud-proof, ensuring full transparency


Highest security standards

Your data and test results are visible exclusively to the members of your organization that you have selected


Effective statistics

Our platform provides integrated methods for statistical evaluation of test results, including interactive data reports

Challenges in interlaboratory comparisons and

their significance for quality assurance

Interlaboratory comparisons, also known as round robin tests, are indispensable for verifying the accuracy and reliability of measurements and testing in modern laboratories. This process presents significant challenges. A central goal of an effective interlaboratory comparison concept is to ensure "quality assurance for quality assurance."

To achieve this, testing equipment and procedures in all relevant testing facilities must be harmonized to produce comparable and meaningful results. This prevents inconsistencies and ensures the reliability of quality assurance.

Measurability of quality also plays a crucial role in interlaboratory comparisons. Critical characteristics such as repeatability and reliability are made measurable. Quantifying the accuracy and precision levels of the tests allows for evaluating the performance of testing facilities and optimizing testing procedures.

However, managing interlaboratory comparisons can be a challenge. In the past, quality managers often relied on manual tools such as emails and spreadsheets, leading to coordination problems and increased susceptibility to errors. An efficient digital solution enables smooth collaboration and ensures the integrity of the interlaboratory comparison. Financial aspects also come into play, as laboratories have often had to engage expensive external providers for interlaboratory comparisons.

By using labXplore, costs can be reduced, and quality assurance can be optimized. Overall, labXplore offers the ability to efficiently manage interlaboratory comparisons, securely store data, and strengthen the credibility of the results. This creates a solid foundation for reliable and meaningful measurement results, which are crucial in various fields, whether in research, quality control, or other testing procedures.

Increase your productivity

labXplore enables a more robust quality assurance by reducing costs, simplifying management, and accelerating processes. This allows for more frequent testing and leads to increased efficiency in quality assurance. Schedule your demo appointment today and let our sales team present the platform to you free of charge and without obligation!


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