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Proficiency tests of various configurations


Time-saving in administration

Instant real-time evaluation

Get immediate insights through real-time evaluation of your measurement data, right after entry – no waiting times, no delays.

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Enable real-time communication and data exchange between laboratories to maximize efficiency and transparency.

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Rely on the highest security standards to protect your data, supported by a secure cloud infrastructure.

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Globally available

Our cloud-based platform enables laboratories worldwide to participate in proficiency testing and laboratory comparisons


Customized adaptation

Ready to use with industry standard data and fully customizable to the specific requirements of your sector


Transparent documentation

All activities are documented seamlessly and tamper-proof, for full transparency


Highest security standards

Your data and test results are visible only to selected members of your organization


Effective statistics

Our platform offers integrated methods for statistical evaluation of test results, including interactive data reports

Strengthening Quality Assurance Through Innovation: The Importance of labXplore and Proficiency Testing

Proficiency testing plays a fundamental role in modern quality assurance. They are the backbone that ensures the accuracy and reliability of laboratory analyses by providing a platform for laboratories to compare their results. This practice is crucial because it allows for the direct assessment of the repeatability and reliability of test results, representing a "quality assurance for quality assurance."

By comparing the results of different laboratories, a uniform measurability of test accuracy is achieved, which in turn enables the optimization of testing procedures and continuous improvement of laboratory efficiency. However, organizing and conducting these proficiency tests has been a significant challenge, often burdened by reliance on manual processes and external providers, which were not only costly but also prone to errors.

This is where labXplore comes in, an innovatively developed digital platform specifically designed to revolutionize the conduct of proficiency testing. As a cloud-based solution, labXplore provides comprehensive support in every phase of the proficiency testing process—from planning and execution to result evaluation. This allows for seamless, efficient management and evaluation of proficiency tests, reduces reliance on expensive external service providers, and minimizes the risk of errors.

With labXplore, companies can monitor the quality of their measurements in real-time, strengthening the reliability and credibility of the results obtained. This creates a solid foundation for reliable and meaningful measurement results that are indispensable in research, quality control, and other critical applications.

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